Where to Find Great Vegetarian Food in Prague

Czech cuisine isn’t exactly known for its healthy, vegetable-based dishes. That said, it is surprisingly easy to find vegetarian options in the capital city of Prague, which has a range of international restaurants alongside those serving more traditional Czech fare.

Here are some of the best vegan and vegetarian options that we found during our recent trip to the stunning city of Prague.

Clear Head

A cosy vegetarian restaurant in an old building that has been beautifully decorated with art on the walls and ceiling. Clear Head has an amazing range of options (meaning you might need some time to decide on your order!) including both vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you fancy something international with a veggie twist, the spicy tacos or seitan gyros are good options!

We went here twice for dinner and it didn’t disappoint. Located on a small street close to Charles Bridge, this place can get busy at peak times so you may want to reserve a table in advance.

Great vegetarian food in Prague
Beautiful ceiling at Clear Head

MyRaw Café

MyRaw Café looks a little incongruous in an otherwise dull-looking mini shopping centre. However, as you enter this bright café and pass the colourful and varied raw cakes on display, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

We focused our attention on sweet options both times we went, though the menu also has an impressive number of savoury dishes. The acai milkshake is a particular winner.

Great vegetarian food in Prague
Raw “milky way” slice at MyRaw Cafe

Loving Hut

This chain of vegan, buffet restaurants serves amazingly good value food. Based on varied Asian cuisine, it offers several tofu and vegetable dishes to accompany rice and noodles. If you’re looking for something on the lower end of the healthy food spectrum, the deep-fried cauliflower is yummy!

You can find a Loving Hut in several key locations around the city, on both sides of Charles Bridge.

Great vegetarian food in Prague
Buffet at Loving Hut – “Be Vegan Make Peace”

Food of Love

Sticking with the loving theme, Food of Love is a relatively new endeavour and focuses on raw and vegan food. The outdoor courtyard is the perfect backdrop for lunch or a delicious tea and home-made raw cake.

We stumbled across this little gem after a walk around Prague Castle’s gardens and were amazed by both the friendly, attentive service and the delicious food. You’ll find it just behind a small art gallery on Nerudova street.

Great vegetarian food in Prague
Epic mint tea at Food of Love

Beas Dhaba

Another great buffet option, this time focusing on yummy Indian food. Perfect if you’re in a rush as it offers fast, informal dining in an attractive and unpretentious setting. Frequented by both tourists and locals, you’ll find yourself dining with a mixture of international visitors and workers on their lunch break.

As you may expect from a buffet (and an economical one at that!), the food tends to be a bit cold. We didn’t consider this a problem though, especially on a hot summer’s day. It’s located just across from the Franz Kafka monument.

Great vegetarian food in Prague
Cute decor in Beas Dhaba

Bakeshop Café and Bistro

While it’s not really vegetarian, I felt I had to include this delicious café and bakery in my list. If you’re vegetarian rather than vegan, you can find a host of great options here. The ever-popular Bakeshop offers soups, quiches and a small buffet, but the main draw has to be the delicious cakes and pastries.

It’s one of the pricier options for a bakery, but it’s well worth it – so much so that we came here for breakfast and cake several times! It’s easy to find – in a popular area on Kozi street – and has indoor seating and outdoor benches for warm days.

Great vegetarian food in Prague
Delicious pastries at Bakeshop Cafe and Bistro

There’s so much to Prague that in some ways, food is a bit of an afterthought. After all, you come to Prague for the amazing architecture and history (and perhaps the beer), not necessarily for the food. Luckily, though, as a vegetarian or vegan you’ll still find plenty of (yummy!) food options to keep you going on your walks through this beautiful city.

4 thoughts on “Where to Find Great Vegetarian Food in Prague

  1. I went to Prague last year and I definitely struggled with finding vegetarian options at times, although of course the Czech food is delicious. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely have to visit these next time I go!


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