Fish & Chips in Barcelona

I’m more vegetarian than pescatarian these days, but I still occasionally eat fish. When we saw that a new “Fish & Chips” restaurant had opened up near us in Eixample, we figured we’d check it out.

It’s funny how a traditional British staple that consists of copious amounts of grease, chips and fish can translate into something hipster and fresh in another country. Regardless, this place was surprisingly decent. You can get it to take away or sit in and eat at the restaurant itself. A far cry from the usual set-up in coastal towns across the UK, but I wasn’t complaining.

Apparently it just opened up six weeks ago, although there are three other branches around the city.

First things first. The fish and chips were delicious. The fish comes with a light and crispy coating and a slice of lemon. Aside from the “signature dish” you also have the options of calamaris or vegetarian versions (such as avocado and chips). The servings look small but they are misleading. We were both full up afterwards, though I fear someone like my dad who is more familiar with the ample British servings might come away disappointed.

It’s not the cheapest place ever, but the price suits its central location and the general prices in Barcelona. I’ll also mention that the service was friendly. I highlight this because it’s not exactly a given in Barcelona!

In keeping with the fairly hipster vibe, there was also a trendy bar and a range of cocktails. We stuck with water, so I’m afraid I can’t comment on the drinks…

Fish & Chips in Barcelona

History of Fish & Chips

I love a bit of research.

Interestingly, though I tend to associate fish & chip shops with coastal Britain, the first “chippie” was apparently opened in London.

That said, there is still some controversy surrounding the issue. Some claim that the first fish and chip shop was opened in Lancashire. Either way, it seems that they came into popularity in England from the 1860s.

Going back further, Belgium seems to be credited with the creation of chips as we currently think of them. Meanwhile, fried and battered fish was apparently brought over in the 16th century by the Portuguese. There’s also been some talk of Italians importing the dish to the UK, though that seems to be heavily disputed…

In case you want further information on this most enthralling subject, you can check out some of the sources below…

As always, thanks for reading!

Laura P



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