A Few Things I SHOULD Mention About Milan

My lazy blog on Florence and Milan did not do Florence justice, but I doubt there’s anything I could say about that historic city that hasn’t been written better elsewhere. Milan, however, is a curious place; it’s not all good, but it’s not all bad, and I feel I can mention a few things about [...]

Laura P’s Lazy Blog on Florence and Milan

Florence – great. Milan – pretty cool. Italy in general – amazing for what it’s known for (delicious food, incredible history, architecture and monuments) and irritating for others (the cost of food and accommodation, the inefficiency of its public transport). I have many fond memories of our time in Italy, including two of its best [...]

Go Go Ice Cream Mission – Le Marche, Italy

After we finally got out of Rome, we made our way to an area of Italy called Le Marche, where we were staying for just under two weeks with our next Workaway family. Jodie and Kevin – originally from the UK – live on a small farm with their 14-month-old son Charlie just outside of [...]

Rome in the Rain

You might expect that a blog about Rome in the rain might provide useful information on indoor activities to enjoy in the Italian capital. If you have somehow stumbled upon this blog whilst looking for such information then you would, I’m sorry to say, be bitterly disappointed: Phil and I are far too cheap to [...]