Some Thoughts on the Seasons

The clocks have gone forward and the March equinox has passed, apparently heralding the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. That and a recent post on the wonderful blog, The Snow Melts Somewhere, have got me thinking about the changing seasons. I've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of the past 18 months [...]

Feeling at Home in a Foreign Country

  When I was younger my mum used to despair because I would refer to everywhere as “home”. If I was staying over at a friend’s for one night, it was “home”. When I went back to my parents' house during university holidays, I was going “home”, but would simultaneously refer to my university town [...]

A Few Thoughts on São Paulo

When I tell people that I’m going to Brazil they tend to get pretty excited. In the popular imagination Brazil seems to conjure up images of beautiful people enjoying beautiful sunshine on beautiful beaches. “So, you’re going to Rio?”, they ask. Well, actually, no. I’m going to São Paulo. São Paulo, which tends to be [...]

Mexico City, You Beast

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Mexico City is truly a beast. Chaotic, noisy, colourful. These are some words you could easily throw around when describing Mexico's capital city. But despite the chaos and the mess and the craziness, Mexico City holds an immeasurable charm and allure for me. OK, I [...]

Searching for Granada’s Jewish History

Granada’s Realejo district, the old Jewish quarter, is a vibrant neighbourhood full of winding streets, pretty balconies and interesting street art. Once home to the city's Jewish population, it was here that we began our quest for an insight into the complex and multifarious history of Jews in Granada. We stopped first at the Centro [...]

Reasons Why the Dutch are Awesome

So, the Dutch really seem to have their shit together. There are many things that led me to this conclusion during my week in Amsterdam (for work, unfortunately, though I did manage to squeeze in some sightseeing). I'm going to outline a couple of the reasons here: (1) Everyone cycles. And cycling is a safe [...]