Where to Find Great Vegetarian Food in Florianópolis

Florianópolis is located in the south of Brazil. It has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists in recent years, both Brazilian and international. It also has a strong student population.

Watersports, health and fitness are popular amongst the locals and the tourists, and in this context you can find an incredible range of health foods and vegetarian food.

In the two weeks I spent on the island, I was absolutely spoilt for choice for vegetarian food. Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes I found:


In a recently opened shopping centre in Campeche, this cute and bright cafe serves delicious bowls, both of the savoury and sweet kind. The service is friendly and the food is tasty and healthy.

Orgánicos e Orgánicos

If you’re spending a day around Lagoa da Conceição, stop by this small and simple vegan buffet in the Via Lagoa Shopping Centre. It’s a (very reasonably priced) weigh-it-yourself buffet. The fruit juices are great too.

Shiva Cozinha Vegana

Another great vegan option, this weigh-it-yourself buffet is in Campeche. The spacious and airy building has plenty of seating and a modest but delicious buffet area.

Engelke Pães & Cia

I fell in love with this little German bakery during my time in Floripa. It’s not a vegetarian bakery, but there are plenty of options for non-vegan vegetarians, including a range of quiches, sweets and delicious coffee. It’s on the same road as Shiva Cozinha Vegana.

Döll Emporium and Cafe

There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants downtown. I mention Döll even though it isn’t exclusively vegetarian because it is one of the oldest health stores in Florianópolis and has a quiet restaurant area at the back. You can find yummy salads, quiches and omelettes here.

Mercado São Jorge

This organic food market is a health food lover’s dream. It has various stools selling fresh fruit and vegetables and packaged food, as well as small kiosks. The restaurant there is great too and has vegan cakes. The market is in the Itacorubi area and has plenty of parking outside.

Natu Sucos e Alimentaçao Saudável

Natu is another good option in Campeche. A small cafe, it focuses on fresh and healthy food, including salads, açaí bowls, juices and vegan cakes. It’s not strictly vegetarian, but it has lots of veggie options.

Pizzaria Basilico

With a strong Italian influence, it is not hard to find decent pizza in Florianópolis. A special mention has to go to Pizzaria Basilico, though, which is near Lagoa da Conceição. For non-vegans, Pizza da Bari (with rocket, smoked mozzarella and zest of Sicilian lemon) is a must-try. Vegans can still indulge with the no-cheese vegetarian pizzas.

Só Açaí

A final shout-out goes to all the little açaí cafés dotted around the island. Só Açaí is particularly good, and has several branches throughout Floripa.


Even if you can’t find a vegetarian restaurant near you, most cafes and restaurants cater to vegetarian diets. Wherever you are in Florianópolis, you will not need to go hungry!

If you know of any other good vegan or vegetarian places on the island, please let me know in the comments below!


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